1 Year of Power: Exerpts from the diary of Ushrir “Alex” Gatinstukos, Temporary Leader of Earthdance


The Year 1053 is at its end; Two leaders have ruled this fortress before me, and now I just finished my year.

My Name is Ushrir “Alex” Gatinstukos, and here I present you some excerpts from my diary of the last year.

1st of Granite 1053

Even if I’m not around for that long, having arrived with the greatest influx of dwarfs has its advantages; I, “Alex” Gatinstukos have been challenged to run this fortress for 1 year (Okay, I did some complaining, and they challenged me to do better).

2nd of Granite 1053 (early morning)

After getting out of bed, I knew I couldn’t back out on this challenge and had to accept it!

2nd of Granite 1053

I’m currently checking out the fortress, looking around for things that I’ve missed while I hadn’t this heavy responsibility. (What was I thinking this morning?)

4th of Granite 1053 (end of the evening)

Finally done walking around this hole in the ground that is supposed to be a fortress, time to go to bed now, and start working tomorrow. (Too tired now…)

5th of Granite 1053

First day of work and the first thing I do is change around some of the assigned labours of my fellow dwarfs, which allows them to have all the time for what they do the best.
I allow our previous Leader, Chief Medical Dwarf and Accomplished Butcher “Macha” Besmarilral to keep handling our diplomatic relations with the Elves and Mountainhomes, while I focus on the more important things here, like giving ourself a proper fortress, instead of this makeshift hole in the ground

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