EarthDance 1054

1st Granite 1054

I have just been put in charge of Earthdance.  It is spring, and we are hungry.  There is nothing to eat in this entire fortress, nothing to drink.  No wells.  Nothing but river water.  Too many dwarves rotting in the sun.  We have mad dwarves running amok and I’m fairly sure there’s still a loose goblin somewhere.  Our fortress is vulnerable to attack in the winter when the river freezes.  And I’m hungry.

I’ve assigned a few dwarves to gather the plants near the entrance.  It’s not much, but it’ll be something.  I’ve also assigned more to the farms.

5th Granite 1054

I knew there was a loose goblin! He ambushed my dwarves as they were cleaning up and emptied his quiver on them.  He slew Thikut Lolorritas and Udil Agsalmonom with silver arrows!  He shot and then bludgeoned to death Iton Unnosaban, our bookkeeper. More corpses to pile with the rest.  So many dead.  Thankfully he ran out of arrows before the militia got there.  They cut him in half.

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