1 Year of Power: Exerpts from the diary of Ushrir “Alex” Gatinstukos, Temporary Leader of Earthdance


The Year 1053 is at its end; Two leaders have ruled this fortress before me, and now I just finished my year.

My Name is Ushrir “Alex” Gatinstukos, and here I present you some excerpts from my diary of the last year.

1st of Granite 1053

Even if I’m not around for that long, having arrived with the greatest influx of dwarfs has its advantages; I, “Alex” Gatinstukos have been challenged to run this fortress for 1 year (Okay, I did some complaining, and they challenged me to do better).

2nd of Granite 1053 (early morning)

After getting out of bed, I knew I couldn’t back out on this challenge and had to accept it!

2nd of Granite 1053

I’m currently checking out the fortress, looking around for things that I’ve missed while I hadn’t this heavy responsibility. (What was I thinking this morning?)

4th of Granite 1053 (end of the evening)

Finally done walking around this hole in the ground that is supposed to be a fortress, time to go to bed now, and start working tomorrow. (Too tired now…)

5th of Granite 1053

First day of work and the first thing I do is change around some of the assigned labours of my fellow dwarfs, which allows them to have all the time for what they do the best.
I allow our previous Leader, Chief Medical Dwarf and Accomplished Butcher “Macha” Besmarilral to keep handling our diplomatic relations with the Elves and Mountainhomes, while I focus on the more important things here, like giving ourself a proper fortress, instead of this makeshift hole in the ground

6th of Granite 1053

Our Broker/Manager/Bookkeeper Likut Ikalzuglar comes to me, and requests to be allowed to focus more on Stonecrafting instead of paper pushing.
After careful consideration and a review of his recent crafts, I wholeheartedly say yes, even if it requires me to find other dwarfs to fill the spots he left behind.

7th of Granite 1053

I found a new trader in the name of Solon Zozzas, and he accepted my request to become our dedicated trader.
For the spot of record keeper, I have temporarily assigned Iton Unnosaban, in the hope he will be able decipher the records left behind by Likut Ikalzuglar; If he can, he has earned that spot.
I personally will be filling the spot of manager, that way, I can properly manage who works on what.

10th of Granite 1053

While working on some improvements on the wall, so we are protected against invading hordes in the winter too, our Cook and member of the Masonry Team, Sibrek Abanbasen suddenly dropped all of his stuff, kicks Likut Ikalzuglar out of the Craftsdwarf’s Workshop and started collecting all kinds of materials.

15th of Granite 1053

I haven’t seen Sibrek Abanbasen for days, and I’m getting reports of him furiously working in the Craftsdwarf’s Workshop.

19th of Granite 1053

After days and days of work, Sibrek Abanbasen has finally come out of the workshop, showing me his secret project, Vutramrubal Stal Thatthil, a basalt bracelet, encircled with bands of even more basalt, jelly opal and turquoise.

Noticing the sheer detail and quality of his work, I tell him, he’s now the responsible dwarf for all the engravings that have to be done, and go out to find a new cook.

24th of Granite 1053

A very large migration wave has arrived… I don’t know where to put all those dwarfs, but we will find a solution.
They also brought some highly qualified dwarfs, which I’ve directly integrated in their respective work teams.

26th of Granite 1053

Obsidian, and according our initial surveys not a small amount, but layers and layers thick.

3rd of Slate 1053

During excavation of one of the main shafts, our miners noticed there was some open space on the floor below them. I’ve ordered them to stop digging further below, until we can get a good look on what’s actually there.

17th of Slate 1053

Due to the sheer amount of obsidian our miners have excavated, I have mandated that all stone constructions are done with obsidian from now on.

11th of Slate

Rhesus Macaque have been plundering our stockpiles; I think about ordering war animals to be trained to handle any further intrusions.

15th of Felsite 1053

Reports are coming in that Goblin ambushes has killed several wandering kittens; I think it’s time to get our military back on its feet, and get some dwarfs from the Meeting Hall who are willing to enlist in our new army.
Luckily the elven caravan has arrived too, so we have some help in that department.

18th of Felsite 1053

We have to report some losses, but we are victorious! The cage traps our previous leader installed have managed to capture some of the invaders, all the others are dead. (I think I’m going to bed early today).

— It is now Summer —

6th of Hematite

I’m getting reports of dwarfs not liking the current state of the fortress, lack of food and booze, and general unhappiness.
Luckily the Farm & Dining Project has reached Completion Phase 1, which means when the rooms are cleared and watered, the farms can be built.

16th of Hematite

“Macha” Besmarilral just told me that she managed to evade the elven diplomat; she did not like meeting him because of the three slaughters that have occurred. I just hope it doesn’t have too much of a negative consequence for our lovely settlement.

2nd of Malachite

Why didn’t I get the note we now have a mayor? Ah well… It seems our new mayor has decided that we can’t allow anyone else to be seated; yes indeed, we can’t export rock thrones for now. Not a problem anyway.

13th of Malachite

Oh shit! Oh SHIT! OH SHIT!

Please fall in a trap, please fall in a trap, please fall in a trap!

14th of Malachite


I’m off to bed early today… too much stress!

22th of Malachite

Today one of our weavers, Kumil Akumcog, started shouting in the dining room, demanding a workshop, because he had the greatest ideas!
Naturally, I ordered the workshop build ASAP.

26th of Malachite

And that might soon mean Another Dwarf Lost; Kumil Akumcog started making unreasonable demands for his idea, and talking like two civilized dwarfs was not possible anymore, so I had to serve him a dinnerplate with one serving of starvation.

14th of Galena

Another ambush! I’ve already added some more recruits to the army and are preparing again for a standoff against them.

15th of Galena

Well, that was… easy! They just walked blindly in our traps!

— Autumn has come —

8th of Timber

I’m hungry! I’m thirsty! I know our farmers won’t like the new guys, but they left me no choice!

18th of Timber

Our caravan from the homestead has arrived! And they’ve brought food! And booze!

19th of Timber

… AND GOBLINS! Luckily our military rushed to the scene and is now destroying the threat, but in the skirmishing, our ex-leader “Macha” Besmarilral has been taken out.

— Winter is upon you —

1st of Moonstone

Our Weaver, Adil Lorstetad, isn’t responding  anymore… even his friends can’t get him to say hello. And to make the matter worse, just before, he told us no-one could enter “His Workshop”. What is he thinking… “His Workshop”? I can only wonder what we get from this; let’s hope not another death.

20th of Moonstone

Our liaison from the mountainhomes has arrived and is now talking with our mayor.

27th of Moonstone

I have received the trade agreement documents; it seems like they really want tanned hides, bone figurines, hardware and blocks, but if we can catch fish for them, they would be ecstatic. Still important, but to a lesser degree are crowns, legwear and windows.
Finally, they get a shortage of short swords, goblets and musical instruments soon; this might enable us to sell them at a bit higher price.

7th of Obsidian

Our miller is running around hitting people and has already killed someone.
This is not good for our already fragile dwarven community, and the military has been ordered to kill him before he kills anybody else.

16th of Obsidian

More Goblins have been sighted, and our traps are ready for them.

(they can go around these traps because the river is frozen.)

17th of Obsidian

The river just unfroze! Take that goblins!

(It seems like goblins can’t swim.)

(And the ones that didn’t drown are still on the outside of the wall!)

26th of Obsidian

Soon my time is up, and I certainly can say this has been an interesting and challenging year.

The last thing I do before I end this year is increase the graveyard a bit.

Final Toughts

As you can see, this has been an interesting year, and I only hope our next ruler can improve this fortress.

If you think you can do better, you can always go out and start your own fortress or even join our fortress.


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