Earthdance year 1052, Spring and Summer

I'm takin' over!

(This is part of the Dwarf Fortress succession game that members of Gaming.SE are playing. This is the second turn. The first player has yet to write a post to publish here, but his summary is linked to)

So, I have recently been appointed, and by appointed I mean exiled, to this new fort called Earthdance. Which means that after finally making a name for myself and achieving a level of comfort at my last fort, Regoddom, I now have to go through the whole bloody process again. Luckily, the last leader kept a good record of his decisions, even if they weren’t great. I was told to keep quiet and observe at first, so I disguised myself as a Medical Dwarf. Now that I’ve got a good idea of the state of this fortress, I’m taking over.

So, starting out, I have plans to modernise this fortress, bring it up to the standards of 1052, rather than the plain old hole in the ground it was. First off, I need a room. And not one of these near-surface things the current leader has. So, let’s plan this out:

A room fit for a leader.

(Note for graphics set users: The default tileset is rectangular, not square. That’s actually twice the width of antony.trupe’s room.) My own needs dealt with, it’s time to deal with the needs of the fort. My most pressing concern is the lack of  security in the food supply. Population could easily pressure our one small farm, so here’s the new farm planned out (with some handy water to drain).

A new farm for the future, going in here.

A lot of our dwarves seem to be busy engraving our corridors. While I approve of a good wall, we have more urgent needs, so I temporarily cancel this, and work on getting some more picks forged so we can mine faster. I burn some of that wood lying around for fuel and forge a few more iron picks.

One of our stonecrafters seems to be having a good day at work. Nearly all his creations are being proclaimed as masterpieces.

There's another half page of masterpieces before this lot as well.

We get some migrants; 7 more citizens to help out this fort. I don’t really see why we are so appealing, but extra hands are extra hands. I set them to work, letting the engraving continue, now that we have the dwarves to do the work. An elven trade caravan arrives. I sell them some stone trinkets we made, in exchange for various goods such as cloth, bins, and wood. I don’t see much need for them at the moment, but they’re better than the rubbish we gave the elves in exchange, so I don’t really care.

They don’t leave it at that however. They insist we only cut down 100 trees this year. Given the amount of wood items they sold us, this seems a tad hypocritical, but we aren’t in a position to fight a war at the moment, so we reluctantly give in. Or at least that’s the impression we gave them. In reality, my previous fort was all but without trees, so I’ve grown used to not having the stuff around, so this isn’t even a minor inconvenience.

Summer arrives, and with it, another 7 migrants, and it’s time to irrigate the new farm area so we can later grow new crops. I order a dwarf to release the pool into the new area.

And we have water!

Meanwhile, my own room is finished, and as you can see, it’s quite a nice one too. Those worker dwarves have really done well.

My finished room

Now, I can’t have my only building extension be for myself. And of course, if a room that close to the surface wasn’t good enough for me, it sure as hell won’t be good enough for a grand dining hall. So, I get my miners to hop to work on that.

The new dining hall will be here.

The rest of summer passes uneventfully, as the work on the dining hall goes on.


2 Responses to Earthdance year 1052, Spring and Summer

  1. Macha says:

    I’d also like to point out that at the start of Fall on the second year, we now have 46 dwarves.

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